Talents of 2014

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Talents of 2014 discovered!
A contest took place in Kaesemek in Końskie, where about 40 young singers were competing for statuettes. Two students: Kamila Musiał (who took 2nd place) and Paulina Plewa (who took 3rd place) were representing our school. Congrats to both our girls!

Yet again the best !

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On the 17-18th of March a district volleyball contest took place. The prize was the Cup of the Foreman of Końskie. Our school was the co-organizer and the host.
Our girls took 1st place, while our boys took 2nd.

Kamila Wojciechowska was nominated the best player of the entire contest.

Here is the composition of our teams:
Girls: Szustak Justyna, Wojciechowska Kamila, Stefańska Izabella, Kudłacz Aleksandra, Brzeska Magdalena, Matynia Dominika, Majchrzak Patrycja Śliwak Edyta, Kurek Martyna, Lasota Marlena, Kurek Magdalena, Bogusz Wioleta. Trainer: Renata Gałązka-Skowron.
Boys: Piotr Patynowski, Adam Makowski, Łukasz Grzegorczyk, Jan Milczarek, Bartłomiej Sorn, Jakub Sorn, Jakub Deperas, Robert Pluta, Michał Błoński, Stanisław Szymański. Trainer: Deszczyński Piotr.

A meeting with Bogdan Wenta

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On Friday the 14th of March Bogdan Wenta – former trainer of the Polish representation in handball and VIVE Kielce visited our school. During the meeting he told the teenagers about his career along with his personal life. He gave symbolical gifts including balls to our handball representatives Tomek Kowalik and Kacper Szczepanik. At the end of the meeting Bogdan Wenta signed autographs and posed very willingly in front of cameras for photographs with teenagers and teachers.

The 7th All-Poland “AGH’s Diamond Student Record Book” Olympiad

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The following students from our school qualified for the 2nd level of the 7th All-Poland “AGH’s Diamond Student Record Book” Olympiad:

– in geography – Pająk Artur, Sroka Bartomiej, Walczyk Przemysław, Gębska Anna, all tutored by Danuta Staciwa.

– in physics – Jakóbczyk Michał tutored by Edward Staciwa.

– in mathematics – Kowalczyk Paweł, Jakóbczyk Michał, both turored by Anna Młynarczyk.

Our school has aquired the title of School of Talent Explorers!!!

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We are pleased to announce that the No. 1 KEN Comprehensive School of Końskie obtained the title of ‚School of Talent Explorers’ in the school year of 2013/2014. That means that our school uncovers, promotes and supports the various talents of our young students.
You can find more information about the School of Talent Explorers at the website www.ore.edu.pl/odkrywamytalenty

Success in the 37th German Language Contest!

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On the 8th of February 2014 the regional stage of the 37th German Language Contest took place in Cracow. Our student Jakub Pietrusiewicz reached the oral exam stage and received an award.
The tutor of the student was Mrs. Renata Korabiewska.

The E(x)plory Scientific festival at Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.

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1st grade students took part in the Regional E(x)plory Scientific Festival at Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.
Young people were able to participate in:

- a session in the planetarium, during which they could see the appearance of the night sky and selected astronomical phenomena. In addition they visited the “Space ramblers” exhibition of meteorites
-a lecture entitled “Laser explorers”
-an E(x)plory Educational Path for Schools – a special program prepared for school trips: students admired projects of their contemporaries and did tasks in special workbooks

Teachers supervising the trip: Elżbieta Leśniak, Dorota Pałgan, Renata Skowron.

The Prom 2014

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On January 11th, seniors from our school danced the night away during their Prom. The band kept everyone up ’til dawn with their lively tunes – even the teachers hit the dance floor! Now that the band’s last song has finished, there’s one thing left for the seniors to do – prepare for one of the most important exams in their lives – the Matura.

Our student, Michał Napierała, named The Talent of The Year

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During the 62nd sports-awards ceremony „Świętokrzyskie Gwiazdy Sportu”, our student, Michał Napierała, was awarded The Talent of The Year of our Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. Michał won recognition for his numerous achievements as a handball player for local club KSSPR.

We wish him many more wins in his future career!